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Professional Window Cleaning Services in Reading

If you need a window cleaning service in Reading give JC Cleaners a call today! We cover Reading and surrounding areas. You do not have to search elsewhere when you want your windows free from all forms of dirt, dust, residues, and contaminants. We would not be in this business for more than a decade if we do not live to our commitment.

We have the right window cleaners for you as we don’t hire just anyone to carry out the cleaning. We assure you that they are all fully trained, carefully selected, and of high integrity, since we conduct rigid background investigations on each one of them.

What can you gain when you hire our window cleaning service in Reading?

   Certified window cleaners who are reliable, expert, and professional.

   Recommended by 80% of our customers therefore, we have more repeat business than anyone else in the industry.

   Guaranteed excellent service because of experience.

   Each client is treated differently so you are assured that we only perform the best for you.

How is Our Window Cleaning Service Performed?

There are only three steps to streak-free and shiny windows:

Step 1: The technicians arrive in a van, specially fitted with purified water tanks and extendable water-fed poles. The equipment allows the window cleaners to safely reach up to the 6th floor without compromising the quality of the service or disturbing your privacy.

Step 2: Deionised water is pumped through the special brush attachment of the extension pole and sprayed over the dirty window. Then, the professionals agitate any stubborn marks and stains by moving the brush attachment across the window frames and glass panes.

Step 3: Once the dust is scrubbed off, more purified water is sprayed to wash away the dirt. The process also helps create a protective coating on the window surface, which keeps your windows cleaner for longer. The technician repeats this step if a second wash is necessary, at no extra cost.

Antiviral Sanitisation is available as an extra to commercial cleaning services.

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