Antiviral sanitisation with your upholstery cleaning

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Reading

The search is over if you need professional upholstery cleaning in Reading. Do you know why?  Because we are not only a well-known name in the cleaning industry but we are recognised as one of the most recommended and trusted cleaning providers in the industry since 1991.

In terms of manpower, our cleaning company has been consistently hiring specialist upholstery cleaners noted for their reliability and adherence to excellent and quality service. Our teams are rigidly screened and undergo conscientious training with strict background investigation and references. The cleaners are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver superior upholstery cleaning services and results for greater customer satisfaction.

Upholstery Antiviral Sanitisation to Destroy 99.99% of Bacteria and Viruses

Step 1: Pre-spraying your mattress and upholstery with antiviral detergents

Before performing Hot Water Extraction on your mattress or upholstery our fully protected upholstery cleaning technicians will pre-treat your mattress or sofa with an EN1276 CERTIFIED antiviral detergent. Such solutions have neutral pH, making them safe for any wet-cleanable surface. They also completely remove embedded urine, cooking, pet, and smoke odor from upholstered furniture and carpets.

Step 2: Agitating the detergent to kill even more germs

Using a special agitation technique, our certified upholstery cleaners work in the detergent into your furniture or mattress, to ensure the antiviral disinfectant goes deep and kills the germs.

This allows the antiviral detergent to thoroughly penetrate the surface and eliminate the germs.

Step 3: Performing hot water extraction to ensure thorough sanitisation and fast drying

After 15 minutes of waiting time, the detergent has eliminated 99.999% of all germs in your upholstery including viruses such as Coronavirus, MRSA, and Hepatitis B. Our specialists then perform Hot Water Extraction cleaning to completely sanitise your piece of furniture.

Always Using the Most Suitable Upholstery Dry Cleaning Method

The technician will carefully examine your delicate upholstery items to determine the best way to clean them. Here you can take a look at the methods we apply to freshen up even the most lavish of fabrics.

Dry solvent cleaning

The detergent used for this type of furniture cleaning does not contain and does not require the use of water at all. It is specifically designed to connect with dirt on a microscopic level, but it does not affect the fabric in any way, thus there is no chance of damaging it. Once properly applied, the detergent is then removed with a vacuum cleaner, which also effectively rids the treated upholstery of any residing dirt.

Dry foam cleaning

Low moisture detergent is applied to the fabric after the pretreatment. It is rubbed in with a rotating brush, which is absolutely safe for the fabric. In the end, the foam is vacuumed off and you are left with a well-refreshed upholstery.

Leather sofa cleaning

The leather furniture cleaning of sofas, ottomans, and armchairs is done with professional detergents, which are carefully applied using cotton cloths and wiped away afterward. We successfully clean couches made of aniline, protected, and nubuck leather. However, if the leather has been stained with something, there is a good chance that the damage is permanent and the leather sofa cleaners may not be able to take it out.

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