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Eco Friendly Cleaning

Eco Friendly Cleaning Services in Reading

At JC Clean we take environmental and human safety very seriously. We know that cleaning a home with products full of contaminants and dangerous chemicals is not the way to go. While they get rid of the grease and dirt, their effect on the environment and human health can be quite harmful.

Because we understand these risks and want to minimise them, we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products that are entirely safe. In doing so, we are essentially doing what we do best without negatively impacting the environment.

We test every cleaning product that goes into our eco friendly cleaning service to ensure that:

  • It is free of dangerous ingredients and is therefore safe for the environment and human health, and
  • It achieves the impeccable quality of service that clients of JC Clean have come to expect from us.

Domestic Cleaning with Ionised Water

Because we are serious about our mission and want always to improve our work, we now present to our clients a brand new cleaning service: the eco-friendly cleaning service in Reading.

Highly Effective 100% Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Domestic Cleaning

Our innovative ionised water cleaning procedure can take care of all dust, dirt, germs, and bacteria in your home without using any cleaning solutions – commercial or otherwise. This 100% natural and eco-friendly service leverages the fantastic cleaning potential of Enagic’s water ionising devices. And while most people associate water ionisers with antioxidation and general health & wellness routines, some of the more advanced devices are also capable of producing water with high acidity levels (low pH). Known for its ability to neutralise odours, prevent bacterial growth, and avoid contamination, acidic water is the ultimate eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Why Cleaning with Ionised Water Works

The highly acidic water, produced by our devices is capable of sterilising any object or surface in your home within seconds of contact, virtually eliminating any need for cleaning solutions or otherwise dangerous reagents. Furthermore, this type of procedure is completely harmless for you, your pets, the cleaners and the environment. JC Clean’s innovative ionised water cleaning service helps keep your home not just clean and safe, but also 100% eco-friendly.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

  • No pollution to the environment
  • Amazing cleaning results
  • Proven professional cleaners
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Good for you and good for the planet

This service is the culmination of our green-oriented goals and vision. We firmly believe that cleaning should not just take care of dust and other impurities around your home, but do so in an eco-cautious, non-taxing for the environment way. This is how our eco-friendly cleaning service makes all the difference.

How to Book Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

To book JC Clean’s innovative eco-friendly cleaning service, please get in touch with us or request a free quote.

Antiviral Sanitisation is available as an extra to eco-friendly cleaning services.

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