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Fire Damage

Fire Damage Cleaning Service in Reading

JC Clean has over 29 years’ worth of experience in dealing with fire damage in domestic and commercial properties.  Whether it is a house fire or commercial property, the damage caused by a fire can have a devastating impact on businesses and homes, as they can cause structural damage and leave premises uninhabitable for a long period of time. In addition to visual and physical damage, soot damage to the ceiling, walls, and furniture, fire damage can also have secondary effects that can lead to health problems as well as corrosion.

Therefore, it is essential that fire damage is assessed and cleaned up as soon it is safe to do so. Not only can it cause financial loss, but a delay or failure to do so can lead to further deterioration of the building and equipment.

We understand the devastating impact of fire damage, and offer a professional fire damage restoration and cleanup service, with a fast and empathetic response.

Why is Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Important?

When a fire occurs, porous surfaces expand allowing the soot and smoke odours to enter. Once the surface begins to cool, the pores will then close, trapping in the soot particles, smoke and odours. If this fire damage is not removed and cleaned correctly, when the air temperature rises, this soot and odour particles can be released through open pores on the surface, becoming a health risk to those in the room.

Smoke from fires often travels from areas differing in temperature and pressure, enabling soot damage and odours to spread throughout the building from where the initial fire began. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the surrounding area beyond the visual damage and debris, to help prevent and minimise further damage and associated health risks.

What is Included in our Fire Cleanup Service?

   A fast response

   Removal of debris and the visual aspects of fire damage

   Soot removal using our innovative fire restoration service

   Smoke damage cleanup

   Work carried out by our expert technicians

The fire damage cleanup job is too big or too small for our team of certified technicians, and our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of any situation, so you’ll never pay more than you have to for unnecessary services. Our focus is to get businesses back up and running and families back in their homes.

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