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Builders Cleaning

Professional After Builders Cleaning in Reading

Hire our professional after builders cleaning in Reading. Eliminate all the mess left behind by the building contractors after the construction has finished.  Yes indeed, they sweep the area once they are done, but not as excellent as professional builder’s cleaners can do. So, your new property will still need builders to clean up for a 100 % cleaning of the area. Our cleaning company performs total sparkle cleaning by implementing high standards of work and attention to detail, specifically:

  • We have an exclusive team of after builders cleaners who are systematic and very competent.
  • We only deliver amazing results; no more no less. We wouldn’t be in this business since 1991  if we had failed to satisfy our clients.
  • We offer flexible services, consisting of a work plan that includes customer needs and requirements and arranged to suit their financial capacity and schedule.

Our professional cleaners are fully insured and knowledgeable and competent when it comes to health and safety standards. We assure you of hazard-free cleaning operations as we require our cleaners to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and reflection jackets for better visibility while on cleaning operations.

  • Conduct risk assessments and risk aversion strategies per contract.
  • We conduct refresher training for our cleaners prior to deployment to their assignment.
  • We implement consistent health and safety monitoring and audit.
  • We perform the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) evaluation.

As a routine procedure, we shall provide a team leader for the whole service. He or she is responsible for implementing a work plan and ensure that it will progress as scheduled. When a building clean-up is carried out, our supervisors will give a report that includes suggestions and recommendations of repairs, previous jobs, and camouflaged damages.

How is the After Builders Cleaning Done?

The cleaners bring their own equipment and detergents to complete the service. Professional industrial-grade cleaning machines are used for the different floors and surfaces of the place. Stains from renovation materials, such as paint and plaster, are removed with the help of specialised detergents that are able to dissolve them. The windows are cleaned from the inside and the whole property is hoovered at least twice for best results. Some floors might be mopped if necessary, while surfaces and woodwork are all polished.

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