Upholstery Cleaning

A deep clean is carried-out on all areas of the furniture being cleaned. The back, front, sides, arms and of course the cushions are meticulously and hygenically cleaned, removing dirt, grime and stains which have been embedded in the fabric over time.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning of upholstery and soft furnishings requires skill and experience to achieve desired results. Our upholstery cleaning system is designed to rejuvenate your fabrics that have been left unattended for a long time. While we restore the quality of your upholstery, we also make sure the fabric does not loose its fire retardant properties. We have operatives properly trained to tackle every task so as to achieve the desired results. For peace of mind we guarantee our services against shrinkage.

Fabic colours as revitalised and upholstery take on a like new appearance - with soft and conditoned feel leaving your furniture fresh and hygenically clean.

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