Fire and Flood Damage

When disaster strikes, our specialist team at JC Cleaning Services are there to help with the clean-up! No matter how great the damage or how small, whether domestic or commercial, we are there to help clean up the mess.

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Fire Damage

Fire can be as big a hazard as flood; we can help you to deal with damage due to fire by cleaning up. The kind of damage caused is determined by the kind of smoke, such as wet smoke, dry smoke, protein, fuel oil soot and others. The damage caused by each of them shows a distinct pattern and has to be dealt with differently. Our team can remove fire damage smells and stains thoroughly by using specialized equipment and cleaning products.

JC Cleaning Services has a specialised team and tried and tested procedures to handle any kind of fire damage cleans.

Flood Damage

From a simple burst pipe to sewage back-surges and storm damage. Burst water mains can cause damage to several properties and large regional river flooding can cause damage across a large area. In the past, we have dealt with them all! No job is too large or too small. From domestic properties, commercial properties and industrial plants, we have helped many hundreds of victims over the years. Our expertise allows us to identify and quickly implement, the safest and most effective techniques to remove water and contamination, and to reduce the potential for further damage.

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